Working as project coordinator, studio assistant and fundraisor for artists and art organisations.

Antonis Pittas creates context sensitive installations, often with an art-historical, political and philosophical narrative, that reflects on societal issues. Responsible for project management, production and budgetting. Gerbrand Burger creates sculptures and site-specific installations in the intersections of visual art, architecture and design with materiality and craftsmanship as the common thread. Advisory role for fundraising and text work. Fondation Constant is a non-profit art organisation, with its main goals  to preserve and promote the art collection and intellectual legacy of the artist Constant Nieuwenhuys, known as Constant.

Group exhibition


Triennial of Art and Environment
at UGM Maribor, Slovenia Project coordinator for Antonis Pittas
21 May- 18 July 2021
The EKO Triennial, dedicated to contemporary visual arts and the environment, will explore the intersections between the current socio-economic challenges, environmental policies, and post-colonial globalisation. Pittas will make a monumental site-specific installation.
Annual program

Constant 101

by Fondation Constant 
Project assistant 
Fondation Constant develops a multidisciplinary program of projects in collaboration with Dutch museums, presentation institutions, archives, individual makers and educational institutes. Through the programming we offer an artistic platform to contemporary artists, makers and thinkers in relation to Constant.
Group exhibition

Ω - Omega

at De Elektriciteitsfabriek  
by Gabriel Lester 
Project assistant for Antonis Pittas
From the 23rd of September 2021

A monumental groupshow at the Electricity Factory in Den Haag, initiated by Gabriel Lester. 

Group exhibition

The future can be human

at Cobra Museum in collaboration with Fondation Constant 
Project assistant for Antonis Pittas 
Oct 2021 - Feb 2022
Constant I 0 I is an interdisciplinary annual program that binds contemporary makers and institutions, celebrating the work, concepts and life of Constant and what role he still plays today. Pittas will design and curate the exhibition with works from Constant. 
Solo exhibition


at Centraal Museum Utrecht 
Project management for Antonis Pittas

Date tbc
Collection intervention and commissioned work.
Book publication  


In collaboration with Centraal Museum Utrecht, Alex Farrar and Jap Sam BooksPublication coordinator
To be published in Autumn 2021 
The book publication of Antonis Pittas will discuss the failure, collapse and historicisation of the modernist ideals espoused by Theo van Doesburg, set against the current political backdrop of mass protest. With contribution by Laurie Cluitmans, Maria Barnas, Bram Ieven, Dirk van den Heuvel, Thalia Ostendorf.
Advisor & textwork 


Offering funding coordination and strategy, as well as editorial support

Research Assistant 

Academic theory 

for Antonis Pittas
Antonis Pittas holds tutoring positions at KABK (Professional International Practice) and Design Academy Eindhoven (MA Critical Inquiry Lab) and is a Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam.

Project Coordinator & Research Assistant


Installation at Refresh Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum in collaboration with  Gemeente Amsterdam
Exhibition runs from December 11th 2020 to March 28th, 2021.

The sculptural installation ENOUGH consists of historical building fragments from Amsterdam’s monuments. Through researching their origins, Pittas reflects on contested monuments and statues today and plays with the ambiguous narratives of heritage, political protest and social movements. The process reactivates history and takes it into the present. To echo, voice and recycle the transhistorical realities, the fragments are ‘vandalized’ with graphite and marble dust quotations, taken from alternative archives as well as the contemporary public domain. 


Interview Charl Landvreugd

with Margriet Schavemaker, for CBK Zuidoost published at Mister Motley Magazine
”Er worden radicaal nieuwe stappen gezet in het culturele domein waarin bevraagd wordt welke positie het museum en culturele instellingen vandaag de dag zou moeten innemen in de maatschappij. Om de kritiek van ontoegankelijkheid en eenzeidigheid te bestrijden wordt er met man en macht actief naar manieren gezocht om inclusief te programmeren.” 
Assistant Curator & Research Assistant Intern

Pinball Wizard: The work and life of Jacqueline de Jong

at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, curated by Margriet Schavemaker

August 2018 - March 2019
Overview exhibition of the work and historical development of Jacqueline de Jong’s oeuvre, combined with works from the Stedelijk Museum collection. De Jong effortlessly switches between various styles: from expressionist painting to new figuration and pop art. Under the wings of Margriet Schavemaker (Head of Interpretation, Education and Publication) I worked closely with the artist and assisted in research into collection, as well as coordination, organization and realization of the exhibition. (Read Article)
Research Thesis (MA in Museology)

‘The role of in-between spaces and their potential for inclusivity in contemporary and modern art museums’

at Amsterdam University of Arts under the supervision of  Dr Jeroen Boomgaard

March 2019 - September 2019
My thesis researched the role of “in-between” spaces, meaning the non-programmed spaces which are efficient and functional public areas within the contemporary art museum, and how they can potentially contribute to a more meaningful museum experience and to a more inclusive museum culture. (Read My Thesis)

‘Up Tycoon’ by Jim Whiting

for Stichting NDSM-werf, curated by Rieke Vos

September - December 2017
Stichting NDSM-wharf develops and curates a cultural program to show the cultural uniqueness of the old shipyard wharf and its historic value. As producer responsible for the production of a place-specific artwork of  British kinetic artist Jim Whiting (1951, UK), and the communication with various stakeholders.
Project Manager & Program Producer

Vincent op Vrijdag, Museumnacht

at Van Gogh Museum

October 2016 - April 2017
Vincent on Friday is a public program at the Van Gogh Museum, that focuses on contemporary art and music for young adults (ages 18 – 30). As freelance producer I worked at the Education department.
Project Management & Production

Eddie the Eagle Museum

with Eddie the Eagle Museum, Pluk de Nacht, and Lowlands Festival

July 2015 –December 2016
The subversive art collective Eddie the Eagle Museum, continuously works with diverse artists, in various disciplines, in different formats.
Founder & Producer, Artistic Director

Henk op de Helling

at NDSM-wharf

2008 - 2015
For 7 years, I produced music and art festivals for crowds of up to 5000+ people where I was responsible for all aspects of creative production and management.

Cleosponsex Imberium (October 2012)
HENK in de FABRIEK (April 2013)
HENK: We will meet in another tense (April 2014)
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